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The range of procedures in this category are also described as a ‘mommy makeover’, a post-pregnancy makeover, or post-pregnancy plastic surgery, and is usually a combination of post-pregnancy plastic surgery, skin treatment, and cellulite removal. These treatments and procedures are intended to help ‘fix’ those areas where exercise and dieting has not seen you regain a satisfactory body shape.

Would post-natal aesthetic surgery be good for you?

While giving birth to a newborn child is one of the most wondrous of experiences, the toll it can take on your body, especially if you have given birth to three or four children, can be quite dramatic.

Being a mum can force you to focus your attention on your children for the first few years, to the point of virtually ignoring yourself completely. It is only when the kids are all going off to school and you finally have time to breathe for five minutes that you can suddenly realise your body just doesn’t look anything like it used to do a few years ago.

The solution to the physical transformation pregnancy can induce comes in the form of post-natal aesthetic surgery, or a ‘mommy makeover’ as it is popularly known. The expression “look good, feel good” is particularly appropriate when it comes to being a mum, and it can be difficult to regain all your self-confidence when you are not entirely happy with the look of your body. It is also fair to say that when it comes to matters of a more intimate and sexual nature, it can be difficult for many women to feel as comfortable when your body looks very different to the way it did prior to starting a family.

Here at Maccenta Istanbul we also have a duty if care and a certain level of responsibility towards all our patients. As a consequence, we strongly advise against having a mommy makeover or post-natal surgery of any form until you have decided you no longer wish to have children. While post-natal aesthetic surgery will not put you or any unborn child in danger, childbirth after post-natal cosmetic surgery will likely undo all the previous cosmetic improvements to your body.

What is involved in a mommy makeover or post-natal aesthetic surgery?

A mummy makeover combines any number of cosmetic surgery procedures that can be performed individually, and all of which involve surgical intervention. When combined, these procedures can go a very long way to restoring the post-natal look of your body to the way it looked prior to childbirth.

These procedures can include breast augmentation and breast uplift to give your breasts a more youthful appearance.

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can help remove unsightly folds of loose skin and flesh around your abdomen, as well as help clear up any scarring if you gave birth via a caesarean section.

A hip lift can help remove those extra inches of stubborn fat that dieting and exercise have failed to shift.

A vaginoplasty procedure can restore tightness to the vagina.

A mommy makeover is very much a range of cosmetic procedures individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our patients. Owing to its uniqueness, we would welcome your getting in contact with us to discuss your individual needs so that, together, we can create the perfect mommy makeover for you.

Treatment Plan

  • Stay in Turkey
    7 Days
  • Stay in Hospital
    1-2 Nights
  • Operation Type
    General anesthesia
  • Surgery Time
    4 – 6 Hours
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