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This procedure removes folds of skin that surround the clitoris

Reasons for considering clitoral hood reduction surgery 

There are two principal reasons to consider having clitoral hood reduction surgery – body aesthetics and to increase stimulation.

It is not uncommon for the folds of skin surrounding the clitoris to be larger than you would like, and this can result in a heightened sense of self consciousness. In many cases these folds of skin can be such that they are clearly visible when in a non-aroused state, and this can be embarrassing when wearing swimwear. 

As the function of the clitoris is to provide stimulation during sexual intercourse; this can be severely affected if the clitoral hood covers too much of the clitoris, thus dramatically reducing the levels of stimulation and sexual satisfaction. 

Here at Maccenta Istanbul we recognise that it can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing for you if you have to discuss any cosmetic surgery procedure that involves your genital region. We have considerable experience in dealing with problems of such an intimate nature and can assure you that you will be treated with the utmost respect and understanding. 

What a clitoral hood reduction involves 

A clitoral hood reduction procedure is very simple to perform and is carried out under either a general or local anaesthetic. The surgery itself involves the delicate excision of any excessive folds of skin and fat that surround the clitoris, providing greater exposure.

The excision of excess folds of skin surrounding the clitoris – the clitoral hood – can make a dramatic difference in the level of sensitivity, and ultimately greatly increase the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse. 

If you have travelled from afar and have opted an all-inclusive package, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the hospital for your procedure and, once discharged, you will be driven back to your hotel as part of our all-inclusive service. 

Clitoral hood reduction as part of a multiple designer vagina cosmetic procedure 

More and more often we perform a clitoral hood reduction as part of a multiple vagina rejuvenation procedure. This type of surgery can be performed alongside such procedures as a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, as examples.

If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking your cosmetic surgery procedure with us, please get in contact and we will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need. 

Post-operative care for a clitoral hood reduction 

This type of procedure is performed either under a local or general anaesthetic. Where a surgical procedure has been performed, extreme care needs to be taken afterwards owing to the sensitivity of this part of your body. Bruising and swelling should disappear after a week. You should avoid any strenuous movement for the first five days and it is recommended you do not return to work for at least five days. Vigorous exercise, the use of tampons and engaging in sexual intercourse should be avoided for a period of up to six weeks.

Treatment Plan

  • Stay in Turkey
    3 Days
  • Stay in Hospital
    Not needed
  • Operation Type
    General anaesthetic
  • Surgery Time
    1-2 hours
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