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Rhinoplasty Operation

What is a rhinoplasty operation? Rhinoplasty is an operation performed by reshaping the nose to match the dimensions of the face. It is the most applied aesthetic operation and corrects the respiratory disorder caused by structural disorders in the nose. Who needs a Rhinoplasty operation and who can get it done? For those who do not like the size of their nose People who want to change the angle and sha …


Facial Implants

Facial implant surgery is a procedure where the overall shape of your face is altered through the insertion of predominantly Medpor® craniofacial implants, which comprise 44 individual products which come in a total of 180 different shapes. Why have facial implants? Opting for surgery which involves the use of facial implants can be for a number of different reasons. While such facial implants are used in reconstruction surgery as a result of facial injury or after certain operations involving the removal of bone or tissue, at Maccenta Istanbul we concentrate on facial implant surgery for aesthetic and cosmetic-only reasons. With the burgeoning use of ‘selfies’ in social media, more than ever before have we all become aware of how we look. What is curious to see is that the ‘perfect shape’ for your face can and will depend on where you live, so at Maccenta Istanbul we understand that the needs of each and every one of you will be different. Facial implants can be used to correct shallow or even hollow cheeks, add depth to a flat forehead, better define your jawline,to help ‘triangulate’ your face to create a better sense of balance, or to create a totally symmetrical look. Facial implant surgery – what does it involve? One of the most important features of facial implant surgery is the avoidance of clearly visible scarring. As a consequence, incisions for the insertion of implants in the cheek or chin are inside the mouth. In certain instances, the incision for a chin implant can be made externally on the underside of the chin. The implant is then inserted into the space made by the incision and then the incision is sutured shut. If you have travelled from afar and have opted an all-inclusive package, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the hospital for your procedure and, once finished, you will be driven back to your hotel as part of our all-inclusive service. Facial Implant surgery as part of a multiple cosmetic procedure More and more often we perform facial implant surgery as part of a multiple cosmetic procedure. This type of surgery can be performed alongside a partial or full facelift, rhinoplasty or otoplasty, as examples. If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking your facial implant procedure with us, please get in contact and we will be happy to provide you [...]

Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery

This type of surgery targets the area of the eyebrow and forehead above. The procedure will rectify the problems of drooping eyebrows and a wrinkled forehead, and is a simple and straightforward procedure. Why have a forehead lift or an eyebrow lift? While there are a few occasions where we are born with an abnormally low eyebrow line, or have a deeply wrinkled forehead, the need for such procedures usually comes around through the passing of time and the aging process. You don’t need to be someone who frowns a lot to develop clearly visible lines across your forehead, these can appear simply through increased suppleness in your skin as you grow older. Where a cure for drooping eyebrows is concerned, a lift procedure will help to overcome a problem that, similar to a wrinkled forehead, is often part of the aging process and is caused by additional suppleness of the skin. Sagging of the eyebrow (ptosis) can also lead to puffiness and a fuller look above the upper eye lids. While neither condition is unsightly, the difference in appearance after a forehead lift or eyebrow lift is quite dramatic and can certainly provide you with the appearance of being much younger. In addition, while there is always the temptation to go for a full facelift, but here at Maccenta Istanbul we feel this isn’t always necessary, particularly when there is no great need for any lifting of the skin below the eyes. Unlike a full facelift, the recovery time for an eyebrow lift or forehead lift cosmetic procedure is appreciably quicker, and so is well suited to those of you who may not be able to take a sufficient period of time off work to recover and for the swelling to die down. What does an eyebrow lift or forehead lift surgery involve? As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, you may often be concerned about post-operative scarring. While modern surgical techniques have reduced this to an absolute minimum, the greatest advantage of a forehead lift on an eyebrow lift, is that any incisions are made within the hairline, whether the eyebrow or above the forehead, ensuring that any incision scars will be invisible to the naked eye. Incisions are made for the purpose of removing slithers of what has become excess skin, the removal of which enable the remaining skin to be tightened when the incisions are closed up. [...]

Face Lift & Neck Lift

A facelift (rhytidectomy) and neck lift are the most common procedure undertaken to counteract the visible signs of aging on our facial features, such as wrinkles, sagging eyelids, furrowed brow and crow’s feet at the corners of our eyes, as well as a saggy chin and neck. Why decide to have a facelift? We all want to look our best, and the older we get, sometimes that can be a little more difficult, especially when it comes to our faces. None of us really like the appearance of wrinkles as a daily reminder that we are getting older, so a facelift and neck lift is an excellent solution for hiding the obvious signs of aging. As for how old you need to be before considering a facelift, that depends on a number of factors. We are all different, so from our late thirties onwards you can begin to show signs that we are getting older, though you may be fortunate not to need any form of cosmetic surgery until you are well into your fifties. Genetics can play a part, a stressful life will not help, and over exposure to sunshine, over a prolonged period of time, can have a detrimental effect on the skin and which can lead to advanced aging of the skin. Of course, while facelifts and neck lifts are often seen as a cosmetic procedure for women, here at Maccenta Istanbul we have noticed a trend in increasing numbers of men who are also looking at these procedures to restore a more youthful and vibrant look. What is involved when you have facelift surgery? Though classed as cosmetic surgery, a full facelift is a relatively major procedure. While the extent of the surgery can depend on the overall effect to be achieved, it is usual to make incisions that follow hairlines and the natural contour of the head around the back of the ears. The skin is then lifted, and any excess fat can be sculpted or redistributed around the face before the skin is re-laid. This skin is then gently tightened to remove any wrinkles, and then trimmed at the original points of incision to remove any excess, before being sutured back in place. You should expect to spend one night in hospital after your procedure. If you have travelled from afar and have opted an all-inclusive package, you will be collected from your hotel [...]

Eye Aesthetics – Eyelid Surgery

An eye aesthetics operation focuses on reducing any visible imperfections of the skin area of the eye, including the eyelid, that are usually associated with the aging process. The benefits of an eye aesthetics operation There is an expression which says: “you smile with your eyes”, and it is so very true. Our eyes can say so much about us, and when we are young, all is good. With age and the softening of the skin through losing its elasticity, the shape, and look of our eyes changes. In addition, lines can appear at the outside corners of our eyes, which are affectionately referred to as crow’s feet. With a simple operation to remove excess skin around your eyes, or specifically the eyelids (blepharoplasty) you can turn back the clock and your eyes can look as youthful and vibrant as they did when you were in your twenties. Not only will your appearance change, subtly, for the better, but experience tells us that even such a simple operation can have a tremendous effect on your overall sense of well-being and self-confidence. We all want to look as young as we can, we want to look our best, and we don’t have to wait until we need a total facelift before we turn to surgical procedures to regain a more youthful look. Eye aesthetic procedures are one of the most common first plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures that our clients at Maccenta Istanbul undergo. What is involved with an eye aesthetics procedure or ‘eye lift’ operation? The procedure is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, though in certain cases the procedure will be performed under a general anaesthetic. Incisions are strategically made in places where any faint residual scarring will be imperceptible – this is along the top of the lower eye lid, along a fold in the upper eyelid, or along the eyebrow above each eye. Depending on the nature of the aesthetic procedure, skin may be removed, fat removed, or filler introduced, all with the express purpose of reducing wrinkles and lines through the tightening of the skin. You can be reassured that as with all facial cosmetic procedures, the aim is to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging, but in as minimally invasive manner as possible. Particularly with eyelids, it is vital that the very minimum amount of skin is removed to ensure that there [...]

Ear Aesthetics – Cosmetic Surgery for Ears

This form of cosmetic surgery has the medical term otoplasty and is performed on one ear, or is called bilateral otoplasty if surgery is performed on both ears. There are two types of otoplasty or ear surgery – cartilage sparing and cartilage scoring. The most usual forms of ear surgery are intended to reduce the protrusion of ears. Why Consider Ear Surgery Our visual appearance can play a great role in our levels of self-confidence. From a young age, if we don’t look perfectly ‘normal’ at school, we can get teased, and the memories of such an unpleasant experience can continue to affect us later on in life. While at Maccenta Istanbul we will not perform this as a cosmetic procedure on anyone younger than 18 years of age – we believe that it is important that such a decision is made when an adult and your body is fully developed – we have discovered through experience that the rewards are exceptionally positive and hugely beneficial to our patients. We also recognise the importance of symmetry when it comes to our visual appearance, and it is not uncommon for one ear to have a different appearance to the other, so corrective ear surgery can resolve this problem. Finally, for some of you, it may simply be the size of your ears which is the issue. Simple removal of cartilage and reshaping of the ear can create impressive results. What is involved with corrective cosmetic ear surgery? As mentioned above, there are two forms of ear surgery – cartilage sparing and cartilage scoring. In cartilage sparing procedures, this technique is used to pin back the ears to limit their protrusion, and invariably only involves the removal of skin at the back of the ear before pinning occurs. In a procedure which involves cartilage scoring, an incision is made at the back of the ear and cartilage exposed. A certain amount of cartilage is then removed and the ear reshaped, before any excess skin is removed and the wound sutured shut. Cartilage scoring techniques are also used for other otoplasty procedures, such as size reduction and ear shaping to remove any deformities. If you have travelled from afar and have opted an all-inclusive package, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the hospital for your procedure and, once discharged, you will be driven back to your hotel as part [...]
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