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Almost two weeks ago we had RHINOPLASTY at Maccenta Istanbul. Zubeyde gave us all information that we needed before we came to Istanbul. They fixed everything for us even before we came there. We had a really nice experience, even though we were really scared of the surgery and the time after surgery. Zubeyde took really good care of us, and gave us all information we needed. Her English is very good, and we also trusted her words when it came to everything during the surgery and after. Dr. Gökhan Beyhan did an excellent job and we felt really safe at the hospital and even the hotel. The driver was always there on time and we could ask them about anything about the surgery and how it would be after.

We were afraid of the operation itself and the time afterwards. We were afraid to remove the internal splints and thought we’d be in pain afterwards. This is our first operation and we can honestly say that there were no pain involved. The time after surgery was just uncomfortable due to the fact that you could not breathe through your nose for two days because of the internal splints. When they were removed (which did not hurt at all), we managed to go sightseeing, shop and see Istanbul.

This is definitely a clinic we would recommend to everyone who wants to do a surgery, but are scared. You will be taken really good care of, and they are friendly, professional and trustful. We give our best recommendations, and look forward to see them again. Sincerely Mariam & Maira

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