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I Had my rhinoplasty done 8 days ago in Istanbul. After two days i´m gonna remove supprtive tapes from my nose and then i can continue living normally. Still i have to be careful with my nose, but that´s all. Swelling and bruises have almost disappeared. Experience all together was pleasant….heh if u can call being in a surgery pleasant. When i arrived to Istanbul, there was a young man waiting me with a sign with my name written on it. He escorted me to a van, which took me trough “interesting” Istanbul traffic to my hotel. Hotel was nice and situated on a quite quiet part of Istanbul….which is good, because i was going to have a surgery. Partying was´t in my mind. Anyway next morning Zubeyde picked me from hotel and took me to hospital. First all normal testing procedures, blood test etc.. singing lot of papers, payment and then to the operation. Zubeyde informed well, how it would feel after waking up from anesthesia, so there wasn´t basically any suprises. Nurses took very good care of me while i was in hospital. After one night in hospital, Zubeyde took me back to hotel and ii was recovery time. I sped lot of time just sleeping, watching movies and basically just laying low and taking it easy. Just because iwas feeling quite tired and also looked ” not normal” with my splint and bruises,. I choosed to use room service a lot, so eating and everything was done in room. Food was good and i´m very happy that i had my laptop and Netflix with me ( in hotel was a free wifi). Zupeyde took me to check ups as scheduled and after one week in istanbul, she drove me back to airport. Zubeyde was all the time very nice, spoke very good english and answered well to what ever i needed to know. If i sum together my experience and price of a whole package, i have to say that i´m very satisfied. Of course i was first worrying how my nose is going to looks like etc…but now i´m not worried. Surgeon was also very nice and did good job. Now i´m just waiting time to pass so i can start again live normally with my improved nose.

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