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Vad våra kunder säger

S.R. – Netherlands

6 days ago I had RHINOPLASTY. I recomment Maccenta to everybody. Very nice team! Zubeyde is very helpfull and standsby for all the help you need or questions you have. I haven’t felt pain at all. Everything so good organized. No worries about anything. A wish came true this week. I’m very happy with the result, and the best is that it will even get more beautiful in 2 months!


Luke – England

DELIGHTED! You won’t go wrong choosing Maccenta! Everything was made easy from arrival at airport and travelling between hotel and clinic. I felt extremely comfortable and taken-care of in the hands of Zubeyde, her team and surgeons. The aftercare was fantastic too. Constantly checking up to see how I was feeling and how I was healing. Any questions I had they answered promptly. Very reassuring. I strongly recommend Maccenta not only for the quality of service and treatment you will receive but also the incredible value for money. Thank you Maccenta!

Service and treatment

A.K Netherlands

Two weeks ago I went to IMED Istanbul for RHINOPLASTY. Im very glad i made this decision and i can recommend IMED for everyone. the company is very lovely and helpful, they explain everything to you in the little details and they take time and effort for the results that you want. The doctor did his work very well he does it very naturally but with amazing noticeable results. Fortunately the surgery didnt even hurt at all and the progress after the surgery was very painless either.


M. Omar – Norway

Almost two weeks ago we had RHINOPLASTY at Maccenta Istanbul. Zubeyde gave us all information that we needed before we came to Istanbul. They fixed everything for us even before we came there. We had a really nice experience, even though we were really scared of the surgery and the time after surgery. Zubeyde took really good care of us, and gave us all information we needed. Her English is very good, and we also trusted her words when it came to everything during the surgery and after. Dr. Gökhan Beyhan did an excellent job and we felt really safe at the hospital and even the hotel. The driver was always there on time and we could ask them about anything about the surgery and how it would be after.

We were afraid of the operation itself and the time afterwards. We were afraid to remove the internal splints and thought we’d be in pain afterwards. This is our first operation and we can honestly say that there were no pain involved. The time after surgery was just uncomfortable due to the fact that you could not breathe through your nose for two days because of the internal splints. When they were removed (which did not hurt at all), we managed to go sightseeing, shop and see Istanbul.

This is definitely a clinic we would recommend to everyone who wants to do a surgery, but are scared. You will be taken really good care of, and they are friendly, professional and trustful. We give our best recommendations, and look forward to see them again. Sincerely Mariam & Maira


J. S. – Finland

I Had my rhinoplasty done 8 days ago in Istanbul. After two days i´m gonna remove supprtive tapes from my nose and then i can continue living normally. Still i have to be careful with my nose, but that´s all. Swelling and bruises have almost disappeared. Experience all together was pleasant….heh if u can call being in a surgery pleasant. When i arrived to Istanbul, there was a young man waiting me with a sign with my name written on it. He escorted me to a van, which took me trough “interesting” Istanbul traffic to my hotel. Hotel was nice and situated on a quite quiet part of Istanbul….which is good, because i was going to have a surgery. Partying was´t in my mind. Anyway next morning Zubeyde picked me from hotel and took me to hospital. First all normal testing procedures, blood test etc.. singing lot of papers, payment and then to the operation. Zubeyde informed well, how it would feel after waking up from anesthesia, so there wasn´t basically any suprises. Nurses took very good care of me while i was in hospital. After one night in hospital, Zubeyde took me back to hotel and ii was recovery time. I sped lot of time just sleeping, watching movies and basically just laying low and taking it easy. Just because iwas feeling quite tired and also looked ” not normal” with my splint and bruises,. I choosed to use room service a lot, so eating and everything was done in room. Food was good and i´m very happy that i had my laptop and Netflix with me ( in hotel was a free wifi). Zupeyde took me to check ups as scheduled and after one week in istanbul, she drove me back to airport. Zubeyde was all the time very nice, spoke very good english and answered well to what ever i needed to know. If i sum together my experience and price of a whole package, i have to say that i´m very satisfied. Of course i was first worrying how my nose is going to looks like etc…but now i´m not worried. Surgeon was also very nice and did good job. Now i´m just waiting time to pass so i can start again live normally with my improved nose.


Elitsa – Bulgaria

I had rhinoplasty and glutenial implants,for now everything is fine and i’m happy with the result. Feels discomfort like any other surgery,but with each passing days,the pain passes and results is clearly better.

Dr.Gokhnan Beyhan is professional,objectiv assessment would not suggest you do something inappropriate,everybody was very kind and take care of me all time of my stay. Zubeyde Akdas take me from the aero port and from this moment she was next to me everywhere-hospital,clinic,hotel,even in the shop for baklava:) Thank you for attention,i’m very happy that i choose exactly you!


Mariana – UK

I had rhynoplasty almost a month ago and i am pleased with the results. Zubeyde Akdas made my stay stress free. She collect me from the airport and drove me to the hotel,where i had nice clean room and very friendly staff made my stay comfortable. Dr.Gokhan Beyhan performed my surgery on the next day-he is excellent surgeon with many years experience and i am so delighted that i found Maccenta Istanbul online. After surgery i had check up and medication for the week post op. Every question that i’ve been asked has been answered by Zubeyde and Dr. Beyhan. Highly recommend the clinic to these who like to perform any kind of surgery. I am willing to go back again for different procedures. Prices are much better than any other places in Europe and UK and include the whole package which is all worth it. Big Thank you to Dr.Gokhan Beyhan and Zubeyde! Keep doing the fantastic job and make customer happy in future!


Davey – Netherlands

Three weeks ago I traveled from the Netherlands to Istanbul. I heard very good stories about this clinic, and I must say they were all true. From the beginning there was a very nice contact with Zubeyde. She picked us up from the aiport and brought us to a perfect hotel. The next day she brought me to the clinic and everything went very smoothly. Everybody was very nice and patient. The treatment took a long time but everything was well arranged. After the treatment I didn’t expierence any pain. I’m very glad I chose this clinc and I recommend it to everyone. I would like to thank Zubeyde for all the good help and answering all my questions.


Denis H. – London/UK

hi, i recommend everyone to choose this clinic for so many reasons, first of all they are very friendly and helpful. They do correspond on time every time I ask her something. She doesn’t mind to tell me everything I need. Ms Zubeyde received me at the airport holding my name. Then she took me to the hotel, arranged everything. Next day she was waiting for me and drives me to the clinic . The clinic was great. Everything was soft and comfortable. After finished everything. She drives me back to the airport. I done my hair a month ago and everything they said it’s what is happening exactly everything so I don’t really give them 10 out of 10


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